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MirrorSphere awarded Tudor Hall School Office 365 Cloud Migration

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Based in North Oxfordshire near Banbury, Tudor Hall is a unique and vibrant school that offers both full boarding and day schooling for girls aged 11 to 18. The school is made up of around 600 staff and students.

Tudor Hall School Office 365 Cloud Migration Image
Tudor Hall School Office 365 Cloud Migration Image

MirrorSphere were approached to tender for the opportunity to migrate all faculty staff and students to Office 365 and were awarded the project based on proven expertise in the cloud migration space.

“It was great to be invited to tender for such a well-respected school within the local area.

As we met with the School to discuss the Office 365 Cloud Migration offerings further, it became apparent that they genuinely were excited and passionate about the opportunities to further enhance an already technology orientated school”.Spencer Dauphin, Managing Director of MirrorSphere

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud platform. Office 365 Cloud Migration can significantly benefit schools by lowering the cost of managing internal platforms, providing robust security mechanisms and offering students and faculty staff new and exciting ways to collaborate.

The advantages to Tudor Hall are:

For the IT Department:
Office 365 lowers the cost of on-premise infrastructure by eliminating patching of servers and routine software updates. Increased mailbox sizing and cloud storage enables simpler management and housekeeping of mailboxes and file servers.

For the Teaching Staff:
Teachers can find new ways of sharing information amongst students from creating curriculum to recording lessons. By publishing them online, students can view, share and edit their ideas.

For the Parents:
Parents will be safe in the knowledge that their children’s information will be protected and secured within the confines of the Microsoft platform. Microsoft gives rise to a rigid set of privacy settings that are free from adverts and adheres to current law.

For the Students:
Students can utilise Office 365 in many ways, from instant messaging to video calls to collaborate on classroom projects in realtime. This is regardless of where they are in the world or what device they are on whether this be a mobile handset, tablet or a desktop PC. They will also be able to utilise the common Office Web Apps that provide similar feature sets to the desktop versions and create digital portfolios of their work.

“MirrorSphere were well versed with our migration requirements and able to provide value well beyond the realms of this particular project.

We are delighted to be embarking on this journey to the cloud together. ”John Field, Director of Digital Learning at the school

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