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Who Are We?

We are MirrorSphere and for over 10 years we have specialised in providing Enterprise Vault Services.

Enterprise Vault is the largest reason we came to exist. We have provided Enterprise Vault Services for all sizes of customers across all verticals and business spaces from law firms to councils through to national establishments since the dawn of our creation.

How Can We Help You?

We completely appreciate that every organisation is different and along with this we have a strict consultancy driven methodology to Enterprise Vault deployment. We will work with you to discover exactly what archiving policies and archiving retention is needed in order for your business to become compliant with any industry regulation.

Our team of Enterprise Vault specialists have a combined working knowledge of 20+ Years of hands-on experience

Enterprise Vault Installation

Whether you are looking into the benefits of Enterprise Vault or have decided that it is the product for you, we can help you make decisions and implement the application into your environment, optimised for your company.

Our consultants will take you through a complete design and implementation service. Upfront, we will work with you to understand exactly what archiving policies and retention you would like to implement with Enterprise Vault.

Our Enterprise Vault implementation services extend to the following:

  • Mailbox management and PST migration
  • Exchange journaling and eDiscovery
  • SharePoint and File System archiving

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Enterprise Vault Services - Fresh Installs
Enterprise Vault Services - Health Checks

Enterprise Vault Health Checks

Got Enterprise Vault but it’s that magical system that only gets looked at when there is an issue? Let MirrorSphere, the Enterprise Vault specialists, troubleshoot it for you and/or provide a one-off health check to give you peace of mind that it is working as efficiently as it can be.

We explore everything from archiving throughput to what plans you have in place to recover the platform following a disaster.

We provide a detailed Enterprise Vault Health Check document to ensure you understand any issues highlighted with the health check and any remedial action that either took place or needs to take place.

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Enterprise Vault Upgrades

Upgrades of any bespoke application can always be tricky and Enterprise Vault is no different. Before any upgrade, we fully audit your environment to assess the validity in getting you to the next version. Care and consideration must be made around Enterprise Vault compatibility with all components.

Enterprise Vault upgrades bring with it new functionality. Once we have upgraded your Enterprise Vault environment, we will ensure that we explore any new features with your team and provide a detailed knowledge transfer where applicable.

With 100’s of Enterprise Vault upgrades having been done by MirrorSphere, we feel we are uniquely positioned to provide upfront all the pitfalls associated with the upgrade procedure whilst ensuring that it happens both risk and pain free.

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Enterprise Vault Services - Upgrades
Enterprise Vault Services - Maintenance

Enterprise Vault Support and Maintenance

As Enterprise Vault is a large platform with many working parts, it is not always easy to manage in-house. We understand that sometimes you might need that extra layer of support in your armoury. We provide a number of tailored Enterprise Vault Support offerings, from Email and Helpdesk support to a fully managed Enterprise Vault service.

Our Enterprise Vault support offering is a highly regarded service from our customers. We continue to grow and invest in our Enterprise Vault support offerings.

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Enterprise Vault Migrations

No vendor wants to see you move away from their technology and with Veritas and Enterprise Vault it is no different. While there are native extraction tools within Enterprise Vault, they are not the most intuitive to use with little in the way of chain-of-custody or other features 3rd Party applications provide.

Whether moving to another Enterprise Vault platform, Exchange Server mailboxes or Office 365, we have migrated to them all.

Not only do we specialise in migrating from Enterprise Vault, but we also have the experience and toolsets of migrating to Enterprise Vault from other platforms.

Read more here about the archive migrations we have completed.

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Enterprise Vault Services - Migrations

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