VERITAS Enterprise Vault 12.2

Enterprise Vault 12.2

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As Enterprise Vault experts, we always like to keep our fingers on the pulse with regards to what is coming in the latest release.

As a customer you will be able to download Enterprise Vault 12.2 from the 7th August 2017. 
This is the third release since Veritas took Enterprise Vault back from Symantec. Here is a run-down of what is coming in Enterprise Vault 12.2.

Enhanced Classification

Within Enterprise Vault 12.2 there is an enhanced classification engine. Much quicker in its performance and accuracy, it also leverages the same engine as the Veritas Data Insight 6.0 platform.

There are 50 default policies that can be used for classification and 100 patterns defined so that you can easily configure and ensure you are covered against emerging regulations.

The new enhancements assist in meeting the following stringent privacy regulations:

  • GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation within the EU
  • A-130 – for US Federal Agencies
  • KVKK – Kisisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu in Turkey

The platform, in conjunction with the new policies, can really speed up the process for eDiscovery and end-user searches.

The really nice thing about this new feature is that customers can purge any existing archives that they have by classifying the data that is important to them. For example, a customer could define a different retention category for the data and choose to expire items. Therefore, reducing storage footprint and ensuring they are not keeping any data that they shouldn’t. We like this!

Enterprise Vault 12.2 and Cloud deployment

Good news for those running Enterprise Vault on IAAS deployments. This will be supported on the following platforms:

  • Azure
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • IBM Cloud

Enterprise Vault 12.2 also brings with it for the migration of Vault Store data to secondary storage migrators. So, customers will be able to tier their Enterprise Vault data off to cloud providers based on a policy. Cloud storage containers that are supported are as follows:

  • Microsoft Azure Blob (Hot and Cold)
  • Amazon S3 IA
  • Google Nearline, Coldine, Regional and Multi-regional
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage

Content Source Expansion

The number of different sources of communications that pass through organisations is staggering. Veritas have recognised this with the ability to now capture many new source contents to ensure effective records management.

There is now full support for Skype for Business and around 80 content sources in conjunction with partners are now able to capture other content sources such as:

  • Bloomberg
  • Symphony
  • SMS Text
  • Social Media

Enterprise Vault and Business Intelligence

Enterprise Vault 12.2 has a business intelligence Connector to assist in extracting metadata from the archived information. This is in conjunction with a partnership with TrustSphere who are a provider of relationship analytics.

If you think about the level of information that Enterprise Vault has accumulated over the years, especially for long standing customers, you can imagine the amount of patterns or trends that can be picked up within this goldmine of data. This is where Veritas are coming from with the reasoning behind this new product feature.

End User Improvements

End users now can review the retention rules applied to their content and if applicable, are easily able to make any changes by simply dragging items into a retention folder. An update of retention categories can also be carried out by right-clicking on an item. Now, we know alarm bells will be ringing for administrators reading this, but we can assure you the end-user, as with other features before, it can be limited accordingly!

Of course, there are many new features and functionality that will be encompassed this release. We are sure to update you of some of when we get to install this on August 7th. Find out more about our Veritas Enterprise Vault Services.

Enterprise Vault 12.2

You can read the official word from Veritas on Enterprise Vault 12.2’s new features here.

Enterprise Vault 12.2

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