TransVault Archive Migration


What is TransVault?

Why Choose TransVault?

TransVault is the leading email archive migration solution provider.

A partner of Microsoft and Veritas and used by more than 1,350 enterprises around the world, TransVault is trusted by MirrorSphere customers as a third party solution for any archive migration.

There are two email archive migration solutions available; TransVault Migrator, the flagship archive migrator, built for the migration from and to a wide range of platforms and highly configurable, and TransVault Sprint, the younger sibling, designed for migrations from Enterprise Vault to Enterprise Vault or Office 365. It is less customisable but also lower in cost.

TransVault has successfully migrated petabytes of data across the world by more than 1,350 enterprises.

With a wide range of platforms that can be extracted from or migrated to both on premise and the cloud as well as PST files, TransVault has a solution for a wide range of migrations. Unmatched on speed, it delivers comprehensive reporting, and is a dependable migration service.

The scalability provided and the performance it gives is undisputed with the error handling being second to none.

Why MirrorSphere for a TransVault Archive Migration?

A partner of TransVault since 2012, MirrorSphere has helped customers migrate across domain, across email archive platforms, across sites and to Office 365. Our consultants are skilled and experienced in using both TransVault Migrator and TransVault Sprint, and have encountered every possible situation so are well versed in choosing the most appropriate tool for each migration. Scenarios include:

  • Migrating from one archiving platform to another.
  • Migrating from to and from the same platform in separate sites, on different versions.
  • Migrating to the Cloud.
  • Migrating to PST.


MirrorSphere have ensured safe migration from Mimosa NearPoint, Quest and Veritas Enterprise Vault to Enterprise Vault, PSTs and Office 365 for a number of companies. Read more about a couple of our successful migrations here.


TransVault can extract from a range of archiving solutions to a myriad of platforms, be it another archiving solution, Exchange, PST or Office 365. Moving archived data from one location to another has never been so easy.
For a full range of platforms supported by TransVault, click here.

Extensive Reporting

Providing a full chain of custody, reporting is comprehensive allowing users to keep a track of every file in the migration. This allows administrators to keep a handle on which users have been migrated and which items have failed to extract or ingest.


Utilising multi-threading architecture, migrations can be performed more quickly with TransVault using multiple connections. The latest techniques and cutting-edge algorithms are used to migrate data direct from the source to destination in unbeatable times. These adjustable threads also allows the limitation of resources for limited environments.


By reducing the amount of human input, TransVault reduces the chances of human error. Simply match the source archive target to the target destination (where the matching is logical, this is automated too!) and kick off migration batches. These batches can be scheduled or just started and left to run.

Shortcut Handling

TransVault can handle shortcuts created in mailboxes by the archiving platform by removing, restoring or repointing. By addressing the mailbox shortcuts, users can maintain uninterrupted access to their emails, making the migration as seamless as possible.

API Integration

By working with the source archive platform’s APIs, TransVault ensures data is extracted in the safest way possible. It also adds to the reporting of how any errors occur as well as providing the ability to resolve any issues that attempting to extract the raw items may present.

Supported Platforms

Veritas Enterprise Vault
(formerly Symantec Enterprise Vault)
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Exchange
PST, EML, MSG & NSF files
Google Apps Vault
Assentor Mailbox Manager
On-premises journal services/appliances
(EG: Cryoserver, Barracuda, SonaVault)
Autonomy NearPoint
(formerly Mimosa NearPoint)
Autonomy Message Manager
EMC SourceOne
HP RISS/IAP for Exchange & SMTP
Autonomy Consolidated Archive (ACA)
Metalogix Archive Manager
(formerly Exchange@PAM)
Cloud-based journals
(EG: Mimecast, Enterprise, Proofpoint)
Dell Archive Manager
(formerly Quest Archive Manager)
Autonomy ZANTAZ Digital Safe
EMC EmailXtender
Capax Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS)
IXOS-eCONserver (Open Text)
Unify/Daegis Central Archive
(formerly AXS-One)

Can’t find the platform you wish to extract from or migrate to?

Let us know below and we will work with TransVault to get you migrating. If we can’t get you migrating immediately, we’ll update you when it’s supported.

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