Cloud Data Management


What is Rubrik?

Why Choose Rubrik?

Rubrik is a software-based solution which offers backup, instant recovery, replication, search, analytics and archiving in one cloud-based platform. It provides straight-forward and intuitive data management and is easily scalable when it comes to both capacity and performance.

Rubrik allows organisations to move away from complex legacy solutions to a secure platform which recovers, manages and secures data across public and private clouds.

Rubrik offers simplified backup and disaster recovery operations compared with traditional solutions. With hardware consisting of a three-node appliance, Rubrik is software converged, offering limitless scalability in a straight-forward way, as well as an intuitive and simplified management across the platform. As a software-based solution, Rubrik offers cost savings in both Capex and Opex.

Why MirrorSphere for Rubrik?

MirrorSphere has consistently and effectively helped companies across the UK and overseas improve their backup by moving away from legacy backup and storage to cloud-based platforms which offer simplicity, scalability and cost effectiveness. With a wealth of experience in cloud-based solutions, and expertise across a wide range of backup products, MirrorSphere ensures customers find the best fit for their business, budget and existing infrastructure.


Instant Access

Rubrik allows businesses to unify and index data to deliver predictive search, replication, analytics, test/dev, and instant recovery


With Rubrik, IT teams can backup and manage business critical data with a single policy engine in an API-first architecture


Data everywhere can be secured with encryption and role-based access while delivering automated compliance


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