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GDPR and Veritas Data Insight

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GDPR enforces that Personal Information is protected and that’s where Veritas Data Insight comes in to play.

GDPR and Veritas Data Insight

GDPR and Veritas Data Insight.

So, there’s been a lot of noise about data governance, and most recently, the dreaded GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

But is it just noise?  Are they going to crack down on 25th May 2018?  Can we be fined for personal and sensitive data leaks and data breaches?  Well, let’s assume that we can be and we will be.

The reality of it is; GDPR penalties will reach an upper limit of €20 million or 4% or annual global turnover – whichever is higher.  The threat of insolvency or even closure as a result of GDPR penalties will soon be very real.

5 months is not much time to bring the business to a state of compliance; It really is time to act now!

  • What have you got in place to protect your Company from this happening?
  • What intelligence do you have and how do you go about gaining it?

Problems commonly faced by Companies are large storage footprint, increased storage costs, compliance risks and retaining data.

Hoarders. We’ve all become hoarders. We all retain data sometimes unnecessarily, throwing money at storage to keep the data for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years… forever.

The Unstructured Data Headache; We’ve mastered the email load but now it’s time to look at file data.

  • How much have I got?
  • What is it all doing?
  • Where is it all sitting?
  • Where is all the personal information and sensitive data stored?
  • Who has been storing personal data on business systems?
  • What data is redundant but taking up storage?
  • How much storage is being taken up with inactive data?

GDPR enforces Personal Information is protected and that’s where Veritas Data Insight comes in to play.

Data Insight can highlight who has access to personal and sensitive data and what data they are accessing. Are they creating / deleting / sharing critical data?

Data Insight enables you to regain control over software, systems and processes for compliancy. How does it do this? It scans file data, produces reports and, very cleverly, integrates with Enterprise Vault.

The old data, the inactive data, the personal and sensitive data has been highlighted. It will now give you the control over what you do with it. Set policies, dictate the retention and archive or delete or move the data to cheaper storage. Reducing storage and therefore the amount of data that you need to backup is one of the biggest draws of Veritas Data Insight.

From a GDPR perspective, Veritas Data Insight reports on frequency of access of data on an individual basis. It flags up violations of policies.

Cleverly, DI can alert you to risky data, ranking the severity of the risk, arming you with the knowledge and intelligence to decide what to do with it. User permissions can also be identified and analysed. Ownership can be verified and access permissions can either be granted or revoked.

The tool presents this information on a single pane. The dashboard presents graphs and figures and specific data can be extrapolated – user friendly, which is what we like!

And so there we have it; GDPR and Veritas Data Insight – how you can become compliant and regain control over your file data… even if you choose to believe it is just noise… and you might even reduce your storage and systems costs in the process!

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