2018 MirrorSphere Roundup – 12 is the Magic Number

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2018 roundup

As we leave 2018 behind and head in to our 12th year, MirrorSphere has grown in to a flourishing small business with an impressive and happy client portfolio to be proud of.   

2018 saw 12 new clients being onboarded by MirrorSphere with exciting projects underway.  It has been rewarding to form new relationships with clients, watching them grow and transform their IT infrastructure and therefore their business systems. 

We also decided to increase our sponsorship of our beloved local rugby Club, Banbury RUFC, who are taking the 2018/19 season by storm.  This has led to some awesome personal and business relationship building with both small and national locally based clients, with quite a few drinks thrown in to the mix accidentally on occasion too! 

Whilst we have had contracts signed with 12 new clients, we have continued to support and grow our existing clients, introducing them to new technologies as well as maintaining their existing product set.   

Data migrations are still very much at the forefront of what we do here at MirrorSphere, aiding and owning the process of migrating data on premise or, more often than not these days, to the cloud.   

From seeing so many clients be restricted by the need to keep data on premise to embrace the move to the cloud, more and more clients are moving not only their mail data but also their file and sharepoint data up to the cloud too.  The toolsets we specialise in have come on a long way over the last decade.  We have seen many pitfalls and learnt to get over many hurdles – to become trick in our approach and therefore minimising migration project timeframes. 

2018 also saw the dreaded GDPR come in to play and it wasn’t too bad!  As a consequence, we have helped a number of our clients become compliant by designing and implementing tool sets that enable searches across not only their archived data, but also their entire estate.   

As MirrorSphere continues to diversify, we still strongly believe in giving each of our Clients that personal touch, listening to their needs, using our experience and technical knowledge to tackle requirements for best practice, whilst having a bit of banter along the way! 

Here’s to the 12th year in business! Clink-clink 😉 

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