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Nutanix release the NX-3155G-G5 and NX-3175-G5

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Nutanix have released two new models that fit within their 3000 series, the NX-3155G-G5 and NX-3175-G5.

New Nutanix Models

The new models have been designed around Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that require GPU integration. The Nutanix NX-3155G-G5 and NX-3175-G5 both support the new NVIDIA M10 and M60 Grid GPUs.

Both the Nutanix NX-3155G-G5 and NX-3175-G5 are a single node per appliance, with the NX-3155G-G5 being a 2U and capable of support either 2xM10 or 2 xM60 Nvidia Grid cards compared with the NX-3175-G5 being 1U and only having the capacity to support a single M10 or M60.

The NVIDIA M10 GPU accelerator works with the GRID Software with the ability to support up to 64 desktops per board. With the introduction of so many graphically intensive applications, without such acceleration virtualisation of the desktop would be impossible.

One other notable fact is that although the Nutanix NX-3155G-G5 and NX-3175-G5 can be specified with the NVIDIA GPUs, they still need to be licensed to have them enabled.

All-Flash and Hybrid Options

The Nutanix NX-3155G-G5 and NX-3175-G5 can both be configured to be All Flash or Hybrid, a mix of SSD and HDD. With All-Flash, the Nutanix NX-3155G-G5 supports SSD Drives from 6x480GB up to 6×1.92TB, providing around 1.3TiB to 8.3TiB, based on three nodes, RF2 and N+1 and the hybrid solution is starting at 2x480GB SSD and 4x2TB HDD up to 2×1.92TB SSD and 4x8TB HDD, this would provide around 6.75TiB to 28TiB. The Nutanix NX-3175-G5 has fewer drives available, allowing only a total of 4 drives, either 4xSSD for the All-Flash or 2xSSD and 2xHDD. The capacity is estimated only, and further investigation and sizing need to occur to understand workloads and applications.

Processor and Memory Options

Both systems use the Intel Broadwell CPUs, ranging from 8 cores to 18 and both can support up to 1.5TB Memory.


The Nutanix NX-3155G-G5 and NX-3175-G5 are both available to order.

Nutanix NX-3175-G5 | Nutanix NX-3155-G5

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