Exchange 2007 End of Life

Exchange 2007 End of Life

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Exchange 2007 End Of Life is coming

Microsoft is about to end support for Exchange Server 2007, and MirrorSphere can help you work out where to go from here.

If you’re currently still using Exchange 2007, now is the time to act.

Although existing email servers will continue to work, support is due to finish in April 2017, bringing its ten-year lifecycle to an end.

This means Microsoft will provide no patching past this date, unless purchased as custom support at an additional cost.

While a direct migration from Exchange 2007 to the current version (Exchange 2016) is not available, MirrorSphere has a wealth of data migration experience with small, medium and large organisations and can help get your business on the right track when it comes to email servers.

One option is to buy bridging licences and conduct an indirect migration via Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 before upgrading to the current version.

However, many businesses may find that now is the right time to move away from on-premise Exchange Servers altogether and make the switch to Microsoft’s cloud offering, Office 365.

At MirrorSphere, we are experts in email migration and we’re happy to talk you through Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 end of life options.

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Exchange 2007 End of Life