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What is Enterprise Vault?

Why Choose Enterprise Vault?

Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV) is an archiving solution that has been around for decades, proving time and time again that it is the most comprehensive solution available.

It has been deployed by Enterprises all around the world in order to keep their email and file data compliant, allowing this unstructured data to be classified, organised and managed. Once archived, the information is searchable for both end-user accessibility and compliance requirements.

Whether you wish to streamline Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, SharePoint or File Servers, Enterprise Vault can archive your data to secondary storage reducing costs and improving the primary applications’ performance.

More than simply an archiving solution to ease the load from your Exchange Servers, Enterprise Vault is a perfect way to manage your unstructured email data and provide the ability to search through emails to stay compliant.

Email data is not the only unstructured data that EV organises and manages while improving the performance of the primary server and reducing costs due to the use of secondary storage: Sharepoint and File Servers can also be targeted for archiving.

The longevity of Enterprise Vault speaks for itself, being recognised as the best archiving solution on the market for decades.

Why MirrorSphere for Enterprise Vault?

MirrorSphere started life as EV-Assist, providing Enterprise Vault support from new installations, upgrades and health checks. Founded by a former KVS employee and EV specialist, MirrorSphere have seen all the iterations of EV and really know how to make the best use it’s multitude of features.

Consistently delivering and exceeding customer expectations, MirrorSphere maintains a number of Enterprise Vault sites for customers throughout the UK. Companies, including those with well-oiled environments find Enterprise Vault appear to just simply do its job without worry. Any issues that do crop-up, as is the nature of any enterprise product, are addressed and resolved as soon as possible with minimal fuss.

MirrorSphere have carried out many Enterprise Vault projects and provided support and maintenance for a wide range of customers. Read more about our success stories here.

Lower Costs

By archiving primary data that is no longer needed on a daily or short-term basis to less expensive storage where it is made accessible for the long term, huge storage costs can be made. Additionally, Enterprise Vault de-duplicates data and uses Single Instancing when archiving, it reduces the footprint of the data providing less to backup and restore providing long term saving costs from your backup storage too.

Streamlined Servers

Reducing the load of the primary servers can really improve the performance of your email system, file servers and/or Sharepoint environment. Again, the use of de-duplication and single instance storage also reduces the amount required for storage and improves backup and restoration performances and times.


Emails and files create unstructured data which is famously known for troubles when it comes to managing and staying compliant. When Enterprise Vault archives data, it indexes it and makes it searchable. This allows for litigious searches to be carried out along with the ability to create cases for reviewers in the eDiscovery extensions, Discovery Accelerator and Compliance Accelerator.

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