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Back up your data to avoid serious issues

Nic Esson Backup, Managed IT Support Services

back up your data to avoid serious issues

Thousands of business owners are putting their company’s future at risk by not backing up their data.

This is the warning from a Banbury entrepreneur who has seen countless firms fall prey to data disasters which could have been prevented by taking simple measures.

Spencer Dauphin, Managing Director of MirrorSphere, a data management company based in Bloxham, said: ‘Fires, computer glitches, cyber attacks, human error, floods and even terrorists attacks – we need to plan ahead to protect businesses against all the things that could go wrong.

‘No matter how unlikely they seem, and regardless of how reluctant we are to think about them, these are a real threat to small businesses. Company managers need to ask themselves whether their business would survive if they lost all their documents, databases and emails in the event of an emergency. Usually the answer is a big fat no.

The frustrating thing is that backup does not have to mean massive investment, and it doesn’t even have to mean high monthly costs. It’s can be very simple and affordable, but far too many company directors are putting it off to deal with later. This leaves them wide open to data losses which are potentially catastrophic for their company.’

Spencer, who lives near Banbury and started his business in 2007, has now launched his own cloud backup offering in a bid to tackle the problem of data disasters. He is offering free advice to customers unsure of how to approach the issue.

He said cloud backup is the best way to ensure critical data is easily protected and recoverable when needed, and can cost as little as 14p per GB per month.

  • Cloud backup (or online backup) is a way backing up data by removing it offsite to a managed service provider
  • 60% of companies that lose data will shut down for 6 months after the disaster
  • Less than 50% of SMEs routinely backup their data
  • 30% of business that have a major fire go out of business within a year
  • 31% of PC users have lost all their files due to events beyond their control
  • At least 6% of PCs will suffer data loss each year
  • 29% of data losses are due to human error

Found just how simple it is to protect yourselves