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What to look for when Choosing a Migration Partner

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So, you’ve assessed all the options* and decided to choose a migration partner to get your data to the cloud. But where do you start and what are the factors you should consider when choosing the best migration partner?


There are many companies who have spotted an opportunity and jumped on the migration bandwagon. But it’s important to identify those who have the experience and expertise and will actually do what’s best for your business. One size does not fit all when it comes to any organisation’s most important asset: data.


Some companies are tied to specific products and it’s their job to sell a particular migration technology. This model can work fine, but not all technologies fit all organisations so research is imperative. Many companies, including MirrorSphere, are not tied to one particular method and will advise the customer on the best migration strategy following discussions and in-depth data assessment.


Migrating data can be a lengthy process so it’s crucial to have realistic expectations from the outset. It is also advisable to ask how issues such as large files, high volumes of data and error setbacks can impact the project timeframe. If your internal team is required to spend additional time on the project before, during or after the migration, then it’s helpful to know this in advance.


Very often the limiting factor, it is important to ensure a migration is possible within your budget. A reputable migration partner will be able to provide upfront costs. But be careful – there is usually a clause that states additional costs will be incurred for unforeseen issues that occur due to actions or neglect on the part of the customer (for example, if adequate access is not provided, an admin accidentally deletes data or prerequisites are not met). Anything not stated in the agreement (for example additional hardware) is paid for by the customer.

Important Questions to ask:

Choosing a Migration Partner

What is your experience?

Any competent company will have years of proficiency behind them when it comes to migrations, but will also be able to use the most up-to-date methods to migrate data.

Do you have any case studies?

A reputable company will be able to provide you with case studies and references and will have a history of migrations to back up their claims.

What technologies do you use?

There are different ways to migrate data and you need to know the best way for your organisation. A reputable migration specialist should be able to talk you through all available options rather than pushing one method from the start.


We use a wide range of technologies for our migrations, depending on what’s suited to the customers’ needs.


The reason we are so agnostic with our choice of technology when it comes to migrating is to ensure we can provide the best, most effective migration and the lowest price to the customer. To find out just how cost effective we can be for your migration, fill out the form below or see one of our dedicated migration pages:

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