End-of-Life of Windows 2003

How are you handling the approaching end-of-life of Windows 2003?

Chay Douglas Managed IT Support Services, Microsoft Exchange

MirrorSphere can help you migrate from your soon-to-be retiring end-of-life of Windows 2003 Servers.

Extended support for Windows 2003 ENDS on 14th July 2015!

Let us ease the process and ensure your data is safely migrated onto your upgraded hardware. We promise to:

  • Take the load off your existing teams, allowing them to get on with their day-to-day work
  • Keep the migration times down to a minimum
  • Ensure your data is safe yet also ensuring the correct chain-of-custody is held throughout
  • Make it feel seamless to end-users

Using multiple years of experience, tailored tools and acquired best practises we can help you stay up to date and in support with Microsoft.

Upgrade Safely from Windows 2003