Unstructured Data Management

Shine a light on your Dark Data


Who We Are?

We are MirrorSphere and for over 10 years we have engaged with a wide range of customers sharing a common problem: There is a large unknown amount of data growth and a lack of custody to such data.

While Unstructured Data or “Dark Data” is nothing new, the technology world is coming to an understanding of just how impactful it is. Here at MirrorSphere we have the tools and strategies to help save your wasted storage and more importantly wasted money.

How Can We Help You?

By shining a light into your dark data, we can uncover and help classify the pesky unstructured data that is filling up storage, wasting money or is even potentially critical data that is accessible to more users than it should be.

Along with easy wins such as removing personal images or music files from communal shares, we can determine the ownership and the permissions on folders and files allowing your security to be as tight as it needs, saving you from the legal nightmares that unmonitored unstructured data has the power to create.

Unstructured Data Management

What we don’t know won’t hurt us, right? Well, not necessarily true when it comes to business data.

Unstructured data can at best be a pain and at worst harmful to business. At MirrorSphere we can help shine a light on your dark data to reveal just what’s going on in those dusty recesses of your IT systems.

As we help enable you to classify unstructured data and determine file ownership, you’ll be able to take back control, get quick storage wins and save a few pennies to boot.

Tidy Up Your Environment

Unstructured Data Management

Classifying Unstructured Data

Classifying Unstructured Data

Keeping on top of data is a constant battle, especially when there is so much you don’t know: what is there, where is it, who put it there, do we need it?

At MirrorSphere we can help you classify and organise unstructured data so you can take back control and answer those questions.

We can do this by enabling you to group by file class, find duplicates and identify active and inactive folders and files. Once you gain that control, data management suddenly seems a whole lot less daunting.

Analyse & Classify Dark Data

Quick Storage Wins

Once you’ve flicked that switch and shone a light on your dark data, there are some quick wins to be had in terms of saving storage and saving money.

Identifying inactive files gives you an opportunity to archive dormant data, removing it from primary storage and saving on expensive data storage costs.

The biggest culprit on unwanted files on a file share would be personal files; music file and personal photos. By gathering the meta information of your data we can sort by file type and find just how much space is being taken up by these files giving you the ability to manage them better.

Tidy Up Your Environment

Unstructured Data Management - Storage

Unstructured Data Management - Ownership

Ownership Determination

By classifying unstructured data and making the previously invisible visible, we can work with you to analyse the data. Together, we can explore all the permissions assigned to your shares, determine which users are accessing the data, which users have permissions to view files and shares but do not actively do so and if there are any unexpected users accessing data that they possibly shouldn’t be entitled to view.

By analysing this user activity we can help determine an inferred owner based on most read/writes, active users and inactive users as well as active and inactive folders.

Once we have processed this information, decisions can be made on removing permissions of inactive users to ensure that only the necessary have access, making litigious cases easier to crack. We can also help you make decisions on migrating inactive folders to cheaper storage.

Whatever decisions are made after the analysis, one thing is for sure – you will be reducing costs.

Analyse & Classify Dark Data

Risk Management

Reducing risk is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your business data remains safe, secure and manageable.

At MirrorSphere we can help you ensure data is exposed only to those with correct permissions and that data is retained acccording to company policy and compliance laws.

Making sure your company retains files appropriately means those who need to can readily access important data when necessary, potentially reducing legal costs and improving data governance.

Tidy Up Your Environment

Unstructured Data Management - Risk Management

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