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Here at MirrorSphere we love disruptive technologies and one of our favorite vendors, Nutanix, have launched a special priced version of their Nutanix hardware platform for new customers.

Nutanix have launched a special priced version of their Nutanix hardware platform for new customers, With the rather catchy title of Nutanix Discovery.

Using their existing NX-1020 (32GB or 64GB) and NX-1050 (64GB or 128GB) nodes, they are providing a special entry point pricing. Each come in a 3 node cluster configuration, then they have a licensing scheme on top of that. These are Standard, Pro and Enterprise.

So what are the differences

  • Standard
    • You have to provide a Virtualisation provider, like Hyper-V or VMware, which is fine if you already have spare licensing, but can add a considerable sum to those who do not.
  • Pro
    • This provides additional features, but one that people might like the most, especially those who will have to pay for some Virtualisation software, is it comes with KVM and Nutanix own management software for KVM (Like vCentre, but not as complete).
  • Ultimate
    • That is all of the above, plus provide Metro Replication.

So what’s the catch?

You can only have 2 clusters, each with 3 nodes in at this discovery pricing and can not be an existing customer. You can add a forth node, but that will be at the normal price.

Is that really a problem? It means that you can get great hardware and start your data-centre off on a web-scale super highway journey.

I’ll give more details on Standard, Pro and Ultimate in another post.

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