Cohesity Introduction

Introduction to Cohesity

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MirrorSphere have signed up to promote an exciting technology, called Cohesity.  It falls completely into our area of hyper-converged systems and it is also new and shiny, so it is even more up our street. Below is a quick 2 1/2 minute introduction to Cohesity:


The company was created in 2013, the founder and CEO is Mohit Aron, who was a founder and CTO of Nutanix.  Mohit pioneered the idea hyper-convergence and previously had helped build the Google File Systems.

Future Blogs

In the coming weeks we will get hold of a unit, courteously of Ethos Technology and we hope to do a series of blogs and webinars on this new and exciting Technology.

Does it compete against other Primary Storage Vendors?

The simple answer is no, it is not aimed at primary storage vendors.

Does it interfere with Nutanix? No, it doesn’t. In fact, they compliment each other, with Nutanix providing the compute and storage for virtual environment (Tier 1) workloads and Cohesity providing larger storage capabilities (Tier 2) and adding additional services, like data protection, or DevOps, File Services and analysts of all data stored on their platform.

Cohesity Customer Videos

Here is a link to one of the Cohesity video with a customer from Tribune Media, who have around 70TB of change data a week! Its only 5 minutes, but worth a watch.

Deep Dive Videos.

Here is an interesting Deep Dive of the Cohesity platform with some interesting question from the participants (32 minutes).

It mentions non-disruptive upgrades, including firmware.  They also talk about a 32 node cluster which provides 1PB of Storage.  They also ensure that one type of service, for example Data Protection doesn’t swap the back-end, to ensure a stable and reliable service they provide QoS for workload types, all managed from the GUI.

Presentation of the Cohesity GUI

Hopefully in early 2016 we will have a unit and we will look at each service that the Cohesity platform provides, kicking off with data Protection of a VMware environment.

Cohesity Secondary Storage - a look into VM Protection