Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converged is not just a buzz word. Find out just how revolutionary it can be.


Why Hyper convergence?

The IT industry is rapidly changing and undergoing a significant transformation. Traditional infrastructures have always been very costly upfront and provide many complexities with regards to operation and support. Hyper convergence enables consolidation of the core components of traditional infrastructures. These components are typically made up of compute, storage and networking.

It is not about the specific hardware anymore. The shift has been to create the software defined data center (SDDC) and vendors are deploying their solutions very much on commodity based x86 hardware. By vendors concentrating on software, features and functionality can be deployed significantly quicker.

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

Backup and Recovery Assessment

Backup and Recovery Assessment - Backup Validation

Hyper coverged Infrastructure Advantages

One of the key advantages of deployment of a hyper converged infrastructure is the ability to reduce the time it takes to deploy or refresh an infrastructure. Often, traditional three tier platforms can take months to deploy. This timeframe typically gets significantly reduced to days.

The consolidation of three tiers into a hyper converged platform means much less rack space. Less rack space means less power, cooling and, of course, money.

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Private Cloud

Companies running significant workloads are often attracted to the cloud for simplicity and scalability. However, although public cloud providers (AWS, Azure etc.) continue to reduce costs, the price point does not yet allow them to form full cloud adoption.

Hyper convergence enables companies to create their own private cloud. A hyper converged platform allows easily configured units (nodes or blocks) to be added to the system to provide linear scalability.

Hyper convergence enables companies to create their own private cloud. If a company goes beyond its infrastructure resources. Integrations into public cloud gateways continue to grow amongst the hyperconverged vendors. Backing up data to these cloud repositories is common place. Development roadmaps predict that we will be able to soon migrate virtual machines from hyper converged platforms to public cloud providers.

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

Backup and Recovery Assessment - Stringent Recovery Testing

Backup and Recovery Assessment - Cloud Backup

Not just for Enterprise

Vendors such as Nutanix have recognised that there is a significant market within the SME space for hyper convergence. Small businesses are still buying servers to run core applications that might not be a good fit for public cloud. Small businesses are now able to reap the rewards of private cloud infrastructure.

MirrorSphere were early adopters of hyper convergence. We continue to deploy hyper converged platforms to our customers, significantly reducing their total cost of ownership. Industry analysts Gartner recognise that in the next 5 years hyper converged platforms will become mainstream.

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