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Who Are We?

We are MirrorSphere and for over 10 years we have specialised in data management with our IT solutions centered around managing data most efficiently.

We have deployed our range of IT Solutions to enterprise businesses of all sizes, across all verticals to aid their IT efficiency from National Institutions, Global Powerhouses, Local Councils to Multinational Law Firms.

How Can We Help You?

Priding ourselves on staying ahead of the curve with new technologies, we have partnered with the revolutionaries as well as supporting our existing relationships with the technological powerhouses we all know.

If you need a solution in archiving, backups or infrastructure and storage, we are your team. We are partners with the vendors of the elite products in the above fields.


If you were to read all the content on this website you may grow tired of this, but archiving is the largest driving force of how MirrorSphere came to exist and how it continues to grow. We have the knowledge and expertise to confidently deal with all aspects of email archiving and if you are looking for peace of mind, look no further.

Which Files Should You be Archiving?

Enterprise IT Solutions - Archiving

Enterprise IT Solutions - eDiscovery


eDiscovery (or Electronic Discovery) is the silver bullet when it comes to unlocking the benefits of archiving.

By classifying the previously unstructured data, it is now searchable and can be addressed accordingly. Previously unknown data is now visible making legal cases easy to solve and greatly reduce the cost by performing the preliminary searches inhouse.

Meeting Data Governance Laws

Backup & Recovery

Whether it’s a backup solution that secures your data allowing recovery of data as and when is required, a disaster recovery plan or a general recovery and availability procedure that you are after, MirrorSphere have the knowledge, experience and technologies to provide you with the most optimised solution for you.

How Important is Backup?

Enterprise IT Solutions - Backup and Recovery

Enterprise IT Solutions - Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure is the way forward.
Make no mistake about it.

Why spend fortunes on storage solutions that are essentially just spinning disks and will be outdated by the time you have installed them when you can install intelligent storage that ensures your files are stored appropriately with the smallest footprint possible?

We have began partnering hyper-converged storage vendors early as we can see just how impactful the technology could potentially be and we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve with new technologies.

What Are The Advantages?

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