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IT Services scaled for large enterprise organisations


Who Are We?

We are MirrorSphere and for over 10 years we have specialised in data management.

Enterprise businesses of all sizes, across all verticals have employed our IT Services to aid their IT efficiency. From National Institutions, Global Powerhouses, Local Councils to Multinational Law Firms – we have worked with them all.

How Can We Help You?

With more years of experience than we care to admit, we specialise in a multitude of IT Services.

We can confidently aid your backup and recovery implementation, manage your Enterprise Vault environment in any way, help you manage your unstructured data and fulfil your Virtualization needs.

Backup & Recovery Assessment

Ensure your Backup and Recovery plan is the best one for your business and is working with our simple yet comprehensive Backup and Recovery Assessment.

With stringent yet non-intrusive testing, we can validate your backup and recovery procedures are viable and most suitable for you.

Assess your Backup & DR Plan

Enterprise IT Services - Backup and Recovery

Enterprise IT Services - Enterprise Vault Services

Enterprise Vault Services

Enterprise Vault for our formative years were our bread and butter and is the largest reason we continue to exist today.

From fresh Enterprise Vault installs, one-off health checks and Enterprise Vault Upgrades to Enterprise Vault maintenance or migration and extractions, we provide it all.

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Unstructured Data Management

Shine a light on, identify and classify your dark data to gain quick storage wins, maintain access rights and comply with legal data governance.

While Unstructured Data or “Dark Data” is nothing new, the technology world is coming to an understanding of just how impactful it is. Here at MirrorSphere we have the tools and strategies to help save your wasted storage and more importantly wasted money.

Tackle Your Dark Data

Enterprise IT Services - Unstructured Data Management

Enterprise IT Services - Virtualization Assessment

Virtualization Assessment

Looking to virtualize your environment but are unsure whether you’re ready? Let MirrorSphere carry out a comprehensive assessment to optimise your transition.

Unsure you are using your current virtualization technologies to their full potential? We have the expertise in both VMWare and Hyper-V and their product suites to ensure your virtualized environment is running most efficeiently.

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