Classify your data, reduce legal costs and comply with data governance laws


Who Are We?

We are MirrorSphere and for over 10 years we have specialised in eDiscovery and helping enterprise companies reduce their legal costs and handle in-house incidents.

As email archiving is the largest reason we came to exist. We have always been a big advocate of eDiscovery. With Enterprise Vault (the archiving product of choice) supplying an eDiscovery bundle, we have had hands-on experience with implementing and configuring eDiscovery solutions.

We have seen the benefits of eDiscovery as 75% of our Enterprise Vault customers utilise either Discovery Accelerator or Compliance Accelerator and we have heard about see the legal costs and time they are saving.

How Can We Help You?

eDiscovery is a fantastic way of really getting a hold on that data that you are unsure about. Whether it be emails, file shares or SharePoint data it will be unstructured and difficult to set action plans for.

With our eDiscovery solutions, we can help you classify your data. By removing inactive or unwanted data, archiving less critical data to more affordable storage and ensuring that critical data is easily accessible to the correct users, you can save on storage costs.

With the ability to search through this previously unstructured data, litigious cases can be carried out, in house, reducing legal costs.

eDiscovery Solutions

Gaining control of the ‘dark data’ – unstructured data which is difficult to identify and manage – is a frustrating and troublesome issue facing business today, with approximately 30% of business data redundant, outdated or trivial.

But data protection has never been more pressing than now, with the imminent introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force in 2018.

At MirrorSphere, we use Data Insight to automate governance, protect confidential information and maintain regulatory compliance and drive cost savings.

Using Data Insight in combination with Veritas Enterprise Vault eDiscovery add-ons Discovery Accelerator and Compliance Accelerator, we can help you take back control while ensuring legal requirements are adhered to and saving money by conducting preliminary searches in-house. With Law firms simply using a Clearwell eDiscovery program and charging big bucks for it, you can beat them to it, cutting costs in the process.

Find & Fix Your Dark Data

eDiscovery Solutions
eDiscovery - Unstructured Data

Classifying Unstructured Data

Protecting data from loss and misuse is an integral part of data governance. We can help you identify who is accessing data and how often they are accessing it.

Using Data Insight Technology it is possible to identify data ownership and recognise access trends, and to control permissions for access, as well as grouping documents by file type.

We can show you how to set up policy alerts help identify irregular activity on sensitive data in order to detect misuse.

Comply With EU GDPR Regulations

Data Governance

With big business comes big responsibility and complying with data laws can be a complex task, particularly with the introduction of the EU GDPR looming on the horizon.

MirrorSphere consultants can help you ensure you are meeting data governance laws while retaining only the data you have to keep and for as long as you are required to keep it.

Retention policies, access control and email supervision can help ensure your business is compliant.

Find & Fix Your Dark Data

eDiscovery - Data Governance
eDiscovery - Reduce Legal Costs

Reduce Legal Costs

As experts in eDiscovery, MirrorSphere can help you get to the nitty-gritty: saving money.

By ensuring data is discoverable, secure and only accessible by those with the appropriate permissions, MirrorSphere can help save costs and time when it comes to legal issues.

By providing the easy-to-use eDiscovery tools, we can help you ensure you can swiftly and confidently present legal teams with relevant information when required.

It is also worth noting that from 2018, businesses found to be in breach on the new EU GDPR can face fines equal to 4% of annual turnover.

Comply With EU GDPR Regulations

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