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The Difference Between Backup & Disaster Recovery

It is common to think that if you’re backing up then you’ve got your disaster recovery in hand. But these are actually two very different things. You can back up locally or remotely, but a full disaster recovery solution means having a fully workable plan and ensuring your systems can be up and running like normal as quickly and seamlessly as possible in the event of an emergency. We can help you choose between cloud and on-premise solutions, whatever works for your business.

You Can’t Prevent a Disaster

Most businesses think the likelihood of a flood, fire or data theft may be rare but the reality is you can never be sure of what’s around the corner.

But You Can Plan for One

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) can help you achieve greater peace of mind knowing that if something does happen, you and your staff already knows what to do next.

Backup Solutions

Backing up data is just the first step of creating securing data. Just because it is backed up doesn’t mean that it is secure. The data backups could still be local and just as likely to be corrupted as the original file, it could be backed up externally but with no plan of how to retrieve from here, it’s irrelevant.

MirrorSphere will help you find or maintain a Backup Solution that is suitable for your needs. We will ensure data is backed up securely and is easily accessible.

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Backup and Recovery Solutions
Backup and Recovery - File Recovery

File Recovery

So your data is backed up and secure now comes the real test, is it possible to recover that data? MirrorSphere can carry out testing to your original backup solutions or supply you with a suitable working backup and recovery solution. What we can promise is that by the time we’re finished you can confidently recovery your files quickly and efficiently with minimal end-user discruption.

Plan For The Future

Disaster Recovery

Whether backing up locally, externally or to the cloud, anything can go wrong at any time. Are you prepared for that eventuality?

Just by backing up your data and ensuring files are recoverable, the backup plan does not stop there. While your data can be restored, are you sure your applications, servers and infrastructure can be recovered if disaster strikes?

Let MirrorSphere help you optimise your DR procedures.

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Backup and Recovery - DR
Backup and Recovery Planning

Backup and Recovery Planning

With so many things to consider, the backup solution, the recoverability of the secured files and disaster recovery procedures it becomes to easy to get bogged down in the minute details.

MirrorSphere can provide you with a high-level design and a overall plan covering all eventualities. By leading the way by working with your team to determine potential scenarios and expected resolutions to implementing and maintaining your backup solutions, we can really ensure you are optimised with your backup and recovery plan.

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Cloud Backup

It would be amiss of us to mention backup solutions without mentioning Cloud Backup. With the benefit of not having to host and support the infrastructure of the secured data, Cloud Backup is a viable solution to reduce your concerns.

Admittedly, there are still some hesitations in moving your data to the cloud, but we have seen the technology come on leaps and bounds and are fully behind the benefits it provides.

We can confidently repute the original concerns of cloud computing as we have had hands on experiences with 100% success. We believe in Cloud Backup solutions so much, we provide our own MirrorSphere Cloud Backup.

Plan For The Future

Backup and Recovery - Cloud Backup

Backup Technologies

MirrorSphere specialise, with hands-on-experience, in the following backup technologies:

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