Backup and Recovery Assessment

Ensure your backup and recovery plan is right for you and working effeciently


Who We Are?

We are MirrorSphere and for over 10 years we have specialised in backup technologies, data restore validation and disaster recovery planning.

We have carried out Backup and Recovery Assessments for all sizes of customers across all verticals and business spaces from law firms to councils through to national establishments.

How Can We Help You?

By carrying out a stringent Backup and Recovery Assessment, we can ensure you are utilising your backup technologies to their full potential and validate that there is a viable recovery plan – The most essential part of a backup!

Our backup specialists have a combined working knowledge of 25+ Years of backup technologies.

Backup and Recovery Assessment

There is a huge benefit to conducting a backup and recovery assessment: peace of mind.

Knowing your current backup and recovery plan works means you can rest assured that your company data is as safe as possible and can be recovered when necessary.

A MirrorSphere backup consultant can also highlight potential improvements in your current configuration, present potential optimised alternatives and ensure the solution in place is the most suitable for your environment so you know you have the best backup and recovery plan in place for the future.

Obtain Peace of Mind

Backup and Recovery Assessment
Backup and Recovery Assessment - Backup Validation

Backup Validation

Are you 100% sure that all your critical data is being backed up as it should be?

MirrorSphere’s Backup Validation Service conducts tests to ensure that all your servers, applications and data are being backed up according to company policy and potential recovery requirements.

Our experts are able to flag up any potential issues and correct any problems so you know your data is being backed up as efficiently as possible and is easily recoverable when needed.

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Stringent Recovery Testing

Ensuring the files are secure is the easy bit but can they be recovered quickly and easily? How about application and server restores? Are you prepared for a Disaster?

Let MirrorSphere work with you to design a DR plan specifically for you.

Obtain Peace of Mind

Backup and Recovery Assessment - Stringent Recovery Testing

Backup and Recovery Assessment - Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Struggling to maintain and control the storage that the backup resides on? By nature it will continue to grow, so maybe it’s time to offload that to the Cloud.

With cloud technologies getting more secure, easier to use and with intelligent underlying storage you no longer have to worry about the early concerns presented about cloud computing.

If cloud backup is the most suitable route for you to take, we can aid your transition to your chosen provider you or we can even provide our own MirrorSphere Cloud Backup service.

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Backup Technologies

MirrorSphere specialise, with hands-on-experience, in the following backup technologies:

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